What is a Preform?

A Preform is to form or shape a product to a preliminary shape and size, before something else is produced. In easy terms for PET Preforms the PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) material is formed to a shape which is moulded to a specific shape and then blown to a bottle in the blowing machine.

This is accomplished through a molding process. The fused polymer injected into a mould becomes a preform, which, by an additional processing step (blowing), takes the form of bottles for beverages, mineral water, juice and cleaning products.

All plastic bottles start as a small plastic tube called a preform. When this preform is heated and blown into a bottle shape, it is ready to be filled with your favourite beverage. … For example, the polymer in soda bottle preforms is polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as PET.

Preforms vary in neck finish, weight, colour and shape, and are specifically designed to meet the needs of customers in different market segments.

Preform weight depends on the end container’s desired volume. Preforms can be single-layer or multilayer. The thickness and weight will determine the strength or cost-saving that you require. The tooling allows us to provide a variety of options for your requirements.