Biodegradable Polymers

The property of biodegradability is directly linked to the chemical structure of the polymer and can benefit particular applications, in particular packaging. Biodegradable plastic types offer new ways of recovery and recycling (organic recycling). If certified compostable according to international standards such as the EN 13432 (preferably by an independent third party), these plastics can be composted in industrial composting plants.

Taken over a 4 week period at Reliance in South Africa

Further to being certified biodegradable in a particular environment, our products have been field tested in South Africa, by the companies Reliance Compost and Y-Waste Solutions. The results were a success at both organisations.

‘Oxo-fragmentation’ is not biodegradation

Plastics that are advertised as being ‘oxo-degradable‘ or ‘oxo-biodegradable’ are made from conventional plastics and mixed with additives in order to mimic biodegradation. These products to not comply with the standards for compostability, are not considered bioplastics and are not being used by the company.