Why Fortis X

At the core of our company, our objective is to provide products with a clear, sustainable advantage

We strive to be the missing link to the product you’re searching for.
There is no doubt that our precious planet is desperately in need of solutions to combat pollution, climate change and deforestation. Fortis X has committed to supplying biopolymers and polyester products that are earth friendly with certification.

As a distributor of Polyethylene Terephthalate ligaments, niche’ titanium screws and stainless steel wire, our lines are distributed across South Africa and Namibia.

Fortis X has entered the plastics and packaging markets again as a supplier of biodegradable materials including Cassava, polyesters, lactide monomers and various biodegradable polymers. We supply these items in South Africa.

Our company incorporates many solutions making it the missing link for the item you require.