Fortis X specializes in producing and importing bio-based bottles and medical products, encompassing a range of items such as bottles, caps, closures, polyethylene terephthalate products, screws, and portal plugs.

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Biodegradable Sugarcane

Bio-based polyesters are organic and perform effectively as a plastic alternative. Derived 100% from plants rather than scarce fossil fuels, the sugarcane performs superbly when extruded, thermoformed and spun into fibers or filaments.


Our company manufactures a variety of bottle shapes and sizes. We manufacture bottles from a variety of materials. They include Bio-PET, PHA, Sugarcane and other compostable and bio-based materials.

Our bottles are exclusively crafted from sugarcane and biodegrade completely, transforming into 100% compost.


Telephone: +27 21 911 1085

Address: 8th Avenue, Elsies River Industrial,
Cape Town, South Africa.

Super safe super strong 0% leaching into bottle contents.

Our packaging products

Niche products


 Caps &

Polyethylene Terephthalate

Screws &
Portal Plugs

Fortis X creates the future of bottles & packaging.

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