Our company manufactures a variety of bottle shapes and sizes.

We also manufacture bottles from a variety of materials. They include Bio-PET, PHA, PLA and other compostable as well as bio-based polymers.

It has gained enormous popularity recently, that our company manufactures and supplies plant-based and biodegradable bottles. Some of these polymers are sugarcane based, which means the bottles are 100% made from plants, with zero plastic and no additives. The bottles are tested as food-contact safe, with zero leaching into the contents of the bottle. Further testing proved rapid decomposition in certain environments, especially with compost. Such materials degrade into lactic acid which is a valuable soil supplement.

This range of revolutionary bioplastic products are made entirely from naturally-occurring plant sugar (dextrose) found in harvested plant starch. Many products can be made from bio-based polymers and we specialise in producing bottles and bottle preforms.

As both a supplier of the resin and being a converter, we are able to offer a variety of plant-based or biodegradable products to wholesale companies. Contact to find out more.

What is Biodegradable Plastic?
How is the material better than plastic?

Biodegradable Products available:

Various shapes and sizes of bottles and caps