CapeTalk Lunch with Pippa Hudson Interview

by | Oct 18, 2020 | media | 0 comments

As a company that is focused on creating a better tomorrow for all South Africans and the world at large, we also want to commit ourselves and time to educate people about the detrimental effects of plastic and glass pollution on the environment and educate the public on the positive impact of switching to biodegradable and plant-based plastic bottles.

Upon further research (see our post: Where in the world have my bottles gone) we found alarming statistics from STATS SA that less than 11% of South Africans recycle. Our brand and company aims to help the world move toward a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future by using plant- based plastics in our products.

Our biodegradable bottles were tested extensively to ensure they could function better than glass or plastic bottles while still being food-contact approved.

We hope that our continuous efforts during this plastic-free-July have spread awareness about the plastic pollution pandemic that continues to plague this beautiful planet, we call our home.